After a number of veteran and vintage car enthusiasts from Ipswich attended a Veteran Car Club of Australia [QLD] rally joining in the Centenary celebrations at the Fernvale State School, the idea of forming a local car club was initiated.

There were two preliminary meetings held in a shed belonging to Ron Griffiths at Raceview to establish expressions of interest. On Wednesday 22nd May 1974, 37 people attended and on Friday 7th June, 34 people attended. The third meeting as advertised in the Queensland Times newspaper was held at the Scouts Den in Cameron Park at Booval on the 11th July 1974 when 35 persons joined and the Ipswich Veteran and Vintage Vehicle Club was formed.

The initial Social and Events Committee comprised the following members:-
President: Mr. R. Fisher
Vice President: Mr. N. Spelleken
Secretary: Mrs Annette Grice
Treasurer: Mrs Myra Driver
Committee Members: J. Griffiths, P. Samson, G. Clayton, C. Hoffman and J. Tutin.

The Club’s first car rally was held on 8th September 1974 with members leaving Cameron Park at 9.00 am and travelling to Moogerah Dam for a picnic lunch.

The first copy of the club magazine “The Good Oil News” was produced in June 1975.


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